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The practices and underlying assumptions most of us have grown accustomed to were designed for a world that was assumed to be efficient, predictable and within our control.


We now live in an unpredictable world where the individual standing in front of you, eager and enthusiastic about supporting your mission, may not share the same worldview and values as the donor you engaged with yesterday. 

The “Four Fundraising Frameworks” introduced in the conclusion of The War for Fundraising Talent aim to create positive, systemic-level transformation within an organization to ensure its ability to respond quickly and positively to the opportunities that present themselves.

These frameworks are designed to increase fundraising capacity as well as to help organizations achieve strategic objectives, enhance leadership capability and create a change in culture. 

In order to thrive, today’s organizations need to be ever-more responsive to the needs of their constituents, employees, volunteers and donors — eager to recognize the value that every individual brings to the organization and its mission.

This necessitates intentional learning, experimenting and exploring new ways of working more effectively together.

It requires navigating complexity and centering around the organization’s mission rather than any one individual or group.

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