#15 | Saying “thank you” isn’t rocket science, so why don’t we do it?

As it’s the week of Thanksgiving, we couldn’t have a more timely broadcast. My conversation with Sandi Bliss, Chief Advancement Officer for the Virginia Tech Corp of Cadets, was all about the importance of expressing sincere gratitude and being a great listener.

Sandi’s role at Virginia Tech has afforded her a place where she can honor her father and the service he gave to his country. It was very evident throughout our conversation that Sandi considers her work a privilege and is very grateful for this opportunity.

Sandi has learned that effective stewardship is by far one of the greatest investments in ensuring long-term support from a donor. The most talented fundraisers have discovered the remarkable power of saying “thank you.”

One of the most important lessons that Sandi wishes she learned earlier in her career was that no one owns or controls the donor. What is

Jason Lewis