#25 | Who is helping your organization establish a solid foundation?

Much of my conversation with Jeff Jowdy begged the question of whether organizations and their leaders have established a solid foundation for successful fundraising. Jeff believes successful fundraising is built on a bedrock of relevant, consistent messaging; sound fundraising practices; and the proper nurturing and stewarding of meaningful relationships.

Jeff shared with me the impact and influence that Jerold Panas has had in his fundraising career. Jeff is one of many in our field who are very grateful for the contribution that Mr. Panas made to their professional growth and development. As a mentor and friend, Mr. Panas afforded Jeff a solid foundation on which he has established his own practice.

As with each conversation in this series, we considered some of the reasons why campaign feasibility studies get a bad wrap. Jeff believes that one of the primary reasons is simply because so many feasibility studies are done so poorly. A well-executed study should give the organization a foundation on which to carry out a well-informed and well-orchestrated campaign.

 At the conclusion of our conversation, Jeff suggested that our listeners visit his blog Bedrocks & Beacons which is hosted by Nonprofit PRO. For those who would like to reach Jeff, feel free to email him at Jeff@lighthousecounsel.com

As a reminder, today's broadcast is the fifth of six interviews where we are taking a closer look at the role of fundraising counsel. Be sure to come back tomorrow for our final interview in this year-end series.

Jason Lewis