#68 | What more can a nonprofit organization achieve by sharing leadership?

I have enjoyed getting to know Heather Klein Olson over the last year. After reading my book she reached out and extended an invitation for me to do a webinar for her organization about some of the concepts that I introduced. I also enjoyed visiting with her team last fall and discussing some of the challenges and opportunities we have in fundraising. If you’re not familiar with the We Raise Foundation, I would encourage to visit their website to learn more.

Heather has recently written an article for AFP‘s online magazine that begs the question of what more can an organization achieve by sharing leadership. The two of us agree that nonprofit leaders have much to gain by sharing more leadership with their fundraisers. Heather’s follow up article will drill further down into how leaders can incorporate the values of shared leadership in their organizations.

Our conversation reminded me of some of my research into the nature of work in a fast-paced, highly-networked, and constantly changing society. Much of what I’m discovering is that these emerging values are consistent with Heather’s observations about shared leadership.

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Jason Lewis