#31 | What will get in the way of accomplishing your fundraising goals in 2019?

I’m grateful for the friendship that has developed between Kate Bousum, CFRE and myself in the last year. In addition to being an active and enthusiastic member of my book launch team, Kate liked, shared and commented on social media and arranged several speaking engagements in the Chicago area. Kate is the Director of Advancement at Child’s Voice, an organization with the mission to empower children with hearing loss to be successful in all educational and social settings by optimizing their listening, speaking and academic skills.

In this conversation, Kate and I looked back on 2018 and asked what she accomplished and what she will do differently in 2019. Kate shared with me that one of the highlights of 2018 was that Child’s Voice wrapped up a strategic plan and went through the process of developing a new one. When I asked Kate what interfered with achievement of some of her goals, her response was succinct and immediate. Looking ahead, Kate wants to be sure that the myriad things that keep us busy in fundraising don’t interfere with increasing the investment made in individual donor relationships.

If you would like to reach out to Kate, I would encourage you to first connect with her on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/katebousum)

Just a quick heads up - preparations for our HOW FUNDRAISING REALLY WORKS roadshow are underway. We have announced our first stop in Toronto for Thursday, Feb. 28th. We are very grateful to Davidson Hutchinson and the team at Cause Leadership for partnering with us. If you’re a fundraising professional and want an opportunity to strengthen your professional commitment to our maturing profession, this seminar is for you. Go to my website at www.lewisfundraising.com/events for more information.

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Jason Lewis