#41 | Is the impulse to sell undermining our fundraising efforts?

It’s always a pleasure to reconnect with colleagues whose paths have crossed with yours. Between the two of us, Ken and I could write volumes on what to do, and not to do, when it comes to small town Philanthropy.

But the opportunities and challenges we have similarly encountered in my hometown were not the focus of our conversation for this podcast. Instead, we compared notes on what we believe are some of the tyrannies that are undermining the effectiveness of many fundraising efforts. Interestingly, all three seem to suggest that our impulse to sell may be undermining our fundraising efforts.

We first discussed the tyranny of the mega-donor whose contributions, in one way or another, always wield an overwhelming amount of power and influence. Our experience has been that these individuals don’t have quite the lofty expectations we assume they have.

Next, Ken provided some great insights into the types of relationship we generally have with those donors on the other end of the giving continuum. At their own peril, many organizations have become content with exchanging coffee mugs and tote bags for trivial gifts.

The last tyranny on our list really had me thinking. We have observed the tendency to diminish the strength and sturdiness of the charitable dollar as compared to those we earn (ie tuition, ticket sales). What does this say about fundraising and the way we feel about our donors?

HowFundraisingReallyWorks Roadshow

The next stop on the #HowFundraisingReallyWorks roadshow is #Philadelphia. On Friday, April 5th, we will be at the YMCA of Greater Philadelphia. Very grateful to Chris Tomlin and his team for partnering with us!

This is not your typical “Tips and Tricks” seminar - we’re going to confront the real reasons for why most fundraising strategies are designed to fail, challenge assumptions about how fundraising really works, and ensure that fundraising professionals know how to be recognized and admired for meaningful work. Anyone who isn’t thinking more critically about fundraising when they leave wasn’t paying attention. 

Registration always includes breakfast, lunch, a copy of The War for Fundraising Talent, planning model cards, and six CFRE credits for your initial or recertification application. 

You can register here: https://lnkd.in/eJwG-nP 

Confirmed Upcoming Roadshow Dates 

  • Philadelphia, 4/5, Hosted by Greater YMCA of Philadelphia

  • Raleigh, 4/26, Hosted by Saint Augustine’s University 

  • Worcester, 5/2, Hosted by Woman In Development 

  • New York City, 10/10, Hosted by The Gateway School

Jason Lewis