# 29 | Are sector leaders willing to make room for younger fundraising talent?

What most impressed me about Tina Barber was her determination to lead, her willingness to ask bold questions that challenge the status quo, and her commitment to speaking into the next generation of leaders who will follow her. This was one of those conversations I’m inclined to conclude with, “so where do you see you see yourself in ten years?”

Tina is the Vice President of Development for Nueva Esperanza, a faith-based nonprofit organization driven by the Biblical mandate to “serve the least of these.” She has prepared herself for leadership in our sector with a MPA from West Chester University and undergraduate studies in political science at Eastern University. Tina is a member of the faculty for The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business.

Tina boldly asks the question whether there are enough senior leaders in our sector willing to make room for young fundraising talent. Much of our conversation was a comparison of her workplace experiences. The first where she encountered a supervisor unwilling to take a chance on some innovative ideas contrasted with her current employer who has demonstrated both a willingness to take risks and confidently invest in younger talent.

If you’d like to connect with Tina, she suggested LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/tinambarber) as a great place to start. You might also visit the Nueva Esperanza website at www.esperanza.us 

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Thank you for listening to Episode # 29 | Are sector leaders willing to make room for younger fundraising talent?

Jason Lewis