#35 | Are you ready to be a fundraising CEO?

Brad Dunn wanted to increase his confidence as a fundraising CEO and keep pace with the evolving job description for today’s Heads of School. Without proven methods for accomplishing this, Brad’s board gave us the green light to pioneer a unique approach. 

Instead of relying on boilerplate solutions that rarely align with a client’s actual needs, Brad and his board afforded me the flexibility to develop a unique strategy that aligned with a shared understanding of two things: who they are and how fundraising really works

Brad assumed that a feasibility study was a prerequisite to the pomp and circumstance of a campaign, but he learned otherwise. Brad learned that raising serious money usually comes down to meaningful engagement and deliberate practice. When the time is right for a campaign, Brad will have reduced rather than increased his need for outside help.

Brad has proven the usefulness of our simple yet strategic meaningful conversations outline. This keyword outline has received much attention since it was introduced in my book. Brad can also be applauded for first investing in a listening campaign in order to ensure that the organizations new strategic plan was informed by input from the entire constituency. Brad is well on his way to being the definition of a fundraising CEO.

How Fundraising Really Works Roadshow

We are very grateful to David Hutchinson and the team at Cause Leadership for partnering with us to bring How Fundraising Really Works to Toronto. On Thursday, February 28th, we will be at the National Club in downtown Toronto. Seating is always limited to 40 for these events so please register early. Looking further down the road, we have already confirmed dates in Philadelphia, Raleigh, Washington DC, and Worcester, MA. If you’d like to get more information about these upcoming roadshow dates, go to my website at lewisfundraising.com/events

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Jason Lewis