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the theory

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The efficiency, predictability and control we’ve come to expect of complicated machines has evolved into a worldview that informs nearly every aspect of our contemporary lives.

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The legacy of Taylor’s stopwatch and Ford’s assembly line is easy to find in our modern workplaces.

We celebrate and reward the degree to which we can achieve certain ends.

Many of the social, economic and political challenges we face today have their origins in the Industrial Revolution, when everything was forecasted and happened on schedule and according to plan.

Even when it failed us, our faith in the machine assured us of our ability to re-engineer the system. 

Today, rather than be remembered for operating the same well-oiled machine we relied on for years, the rising generation of fundraising professionals wants be recognized and admired for meaningful, people-focused work in a complex and hyper-connected world.

For this we need a new Approach: Responsive Fundraising.


Responsive Fundraising recognizes effective fundraising as largely output rather than input

and therefore draws from a multi-disciplinary approach to increasing an organization’s fundraising capacity.

Many of the challenges organizations encounter have much less to do with fundraising strategy per se ... and instead reflect a misalignment between:

  • organizational design

  • professional development

  • technology

When these three cultural powerhouses are moving in tandem within an organization, fundraising can thrive.


The Big Ideas