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Every spring and fall, the team at Responsive Fundraising presents our theory in training workshops around the world for those in search of a more holistic, meaningful and sustainable approach to fundraising.


At Responsive Fundraising, we find that our seminars are often the first place where a fundraising professional experiences responsive fundraising.

I introduce and equip every participant with a solid foundation of The Four Frameworks to ensure they can give a viable visual demonstration of the concepts to their teams. 

Today’s fundraising professionals should be acknowledged for their meaningful work.

I believe this can only be accomplished in organizations that have a shared understanding of how fundraising really works.

When the individual and organization are aligned, fundraising can thrive.

Our seminars offer the opportunity to move forward from a complicated, mechanistic approach to fundraising to one that recognizes the need to transition from:

  • exploitation to exploration

  • competition to complement

  • complicated to complex

  • hoarding to learning

  • certainty to emergence

  • efficiency to responsiveness


We need better ways of:

  • recognizing and acknowledging expertise

  • evaluating and ensuring progress

  • defining meaningful relationships

  • predicting and forecasting future outcomes

The past approach has been to pitch fundraising methods, feasibility studies, campaigns—in fact, all fundraising behaviors—without ensuring that our organizations first take a really hard look at the underlying structures that ensure their e fforts are effective.

Decades of bad behavior can’t be remedied by simply recommending better behavior.


We have to bring to the surface the deeply rooted beliefs that, regardless of outcomes, allowed THE poor behaviors to persist as long as they did. 


In order to address this, we must understand the layers of thinking and action that coalesce into results.

First, we establish our beliefs about a certain subject or profession.

These influence our behaviors in that arena. SoSo, our actions spring from those beliefs. Do we believe we can make more of an impact by taking the paths our predecessors have taken for the history of our profession? Or are we convinced that we must adhere to new best practices that will obtain the results we want in our diverse, hyper-connected world?

A new approach is needed.

Good outcomes are not sustained by good behavior, they are sustained by beliefs. We will look at the new beliefs we'll need to be successful, responsive fundraisers as this millennium continues.



Ready to become a Responsive Fundraiser?

We offer two types of Responsive Fundraising Workshops:
those hosted by nonprofits for their communities and private workshops for organizations.




upcoming workshops:


Fall 2019 Workshop

How Fundraising Really Works: New York City

Date: October 10, 2019
Location: The Gateway School


Fall 2019 Workshop

How Fundraising Really Works: Detroit

Date: November 15, 2019
Location: Henry Ford Hospital