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As the fundraising profession continues to mature, so must those we turn to for guidance and encouragement.


The practices and underlying assumptions most of us have grown accustomed to were designed for a world that was assumed to be predictable, homogenous and detached.

What we most need are those who are willing to assume a posture closer to the field, gaining a clear perspective of the interactions between people rather than analyzing individuals as if they were interchangeable parts of a machine.

A new generation of trusted partners who are willing to navigate the messiness of a complex organization must rise up. They must specialize in the human connection and interaction that will guide the fundraising profession in an unpredictable world. 

I call these Responsive Trainers.

Members of the Responsive Community are individuals who, after a successful career in the nonprofit sector, are courageously leaping into the realm of training and professional development.

They are deeply committed to their communities, having a unique understanding of the local economy and philanthropic efforts. They are highly networked and often the first to be called upon when local nonprofit leaders need advice from someone they trust. 

Responsive Trainers find that being a part of the Responsive Fundraising team provides them with the opportunity to be taken seriously as paid professional consultants within their communities.

Responsive Fundraising is an internationally recognized brand with a business model that ensures the Responsive Trainer’s ability to compete and contribute.



Become a member of the Responsive Team

With the Responsive Fundraising Frameworks providing a unique and adaptive approach to increasing fundraising capacity, those my company trains are able to create a thriving business while remaining both accessible to and familiar with each of their clients. 



These trainers have the greatest success where they have the freedom to interact with and influence the entire organization.

In contrast, their impact is diminished when their efforts are narrowly focused on either one individual or only on the fundraising operation.

While developing an individual’s talent and improving fundraising processes can provide advantages, neither can ensure the organization is creating an environment where fundraising can thrive.

Those who have completed THE training to become responsive fundraising trainers want to achieve four goals. They look to:

  1. provide an innovative and sustainable fundraising solution

  2. be a part of an international network of professional trainers

  3. leverage the advantages that come with a recognizable brand 

  4. have guidance and support in establishing a thriving coaching business


Sound like you?